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SPACE deals in  NT panels made in Austria.

N SPACE imports NT panels from FunderMax which has the best

technology of producing a high density wood-based panel and more

than 120 years of producing experience.  The FunderMax NT panel,

produced with strict quality control, ensures the highest quality and

durability. The NT panel is an interior and exterior finishing material

which is loved worldwide. The FunderMax NT panel has been recognized

for its quality in Korea and used in many fields. Recently, the demand of

using wood as a building material has increased. However, because of the

weak durability of wood and fear of discoloration and deformation, people

are reluctant to use. To solve these problems, N SPACE recommends the

FunderMax NT panel as interior and exterior finishes. The durability of the

high density wood-based panel currently produced in Korea is unguaranteed,

and there have been flaws of using it. On the other hand, the FunderMax NT

panel maintains as the same surface and color as they were 10 years before in

harsh environment. It is also eco-friendly and widely considered a high quality

product that gives a luxurious feeling and a natural color sense.

Only the panel has NT finish on the surface can be called

FunderMax NT panel (made in Austria).


High density wood-based panels are high-intensity compression panels made of

compressed wood fiber pulp. The NT panel has been produced by FunderMax

which has been approved of its high quality worldwide. However, most of people

call a feel of microscopic embossing finish of NT surface as a generic high density

wood-based panel. According to the surface classification, there are products such

as NT, NG, NH, and NY. The NT surface finish product is the most widely used and

preferred. Thanks to their high quality and prestige, FunderMax NT products are

so widely used both home and abroad that high-density wood based panels are

usually referred to as NT panels. Many of the products labeled NT panels are actually

not manufactured by FunderMax, and their quality falls way below that of the original

made in Austria. Recently, discoloration and decolorization of similar products are

becoming a big problem, so consumers need to be cautious when choosing NT panels.

The FunderMax NT panel is a beautiful and innovative interior and exterior finish that

has been highly regarded in quality for its design value and semi-permanent durability.

The NT panel is produced in accordance with EN 438-6 Type EDF, and it is compressed

and laminated at high temperature and pressure. It is an eco-friendly building material

composed of dozens of thin natural cellulose fibers (kraft papers) and PVC-free resin.

NT panel has excellent impact resistance and it is easy to maintain. Also, it has been

praised for natural color, high quality and high resolution.

FunderMax the leading company in the waood and chemical field, has

a 120 years of history and unparalleled technology. The NT panel, produced with constant

research and development, is a high quality interior and exterior material which is

integrated with technology of chemical resistance and durability. 

Structure of a NT Panel

Resistance to Climate

The NT panel is resilient and will hold up to extremely harsh environment.

Without an ultraviolet-proof film, there is no discoloration or deformation.

Also, contaminants on the surface are easily cleaned with detergent.

Chemical Resistance

The NT panel has the ability to block various chemical pollution in the harsh environment.

Not a single case of discoloration or deformation has been reported both home and abroad regarding NT products supplied by N Space.

Easy to Maintain 

The NT panel is very easy to clean. When using thinner or chemicals to clean off oils and adhesive materials, there is no damage or a problem on the surface.

Excellent maintainability restores buildings or facilities as if they were new.

Sustainability and the Environment

NT panel is composed of natural cellulose fibers and eco-friendly resins. 

It is not harmful to the human body because it does not contain any organic halogen compounds, wood preservatives, and heavy metals.

Also, due to the strict management of the production process, there is no negative impact on the environment.

NT Panels can be used in various fields

Due to the excellent durability of NT panels, they are used in a wide variety of applications such as ceilings, conference tables, swimming pools, and furniture etc.

Especially because of its proven fire resistance, NT panels are an essential material for welfare facilities, hospitals, and airport facilities.

Superior Durability

Absorptivity(0%) and moisture content(1%) of the FunderMax NT panel means that it has excellent water resistance and durability without deterioration. 

NT panels, which has semi-permanent durability are widely recognized and used by architects worldwide.

 Properties and Uses of FunderMax NT Panel

Product FunderMax NT Panel Original NT Made in Austria
Specific Gravity / Density Specific Gravity(Density) 1.43 (g/cm3) (1.43kg per 1T) 6T=8.58kg, 8T=11.44kg
Thickness Interior and Exterior Applications
3T ~ 20T
Most of Exterior Applications
pool floor, locker room in sauna facility, cubicle = 13T
Laboratory, furniture = 20T
Width*Length ① 1,850*2,800㎜ ② 1,300*4,100㎜ ③ 1,850*4,100㎜
(special specifications)
Period of Delivery ① If the color is not stocked, takes 10 ~ 12 weeks. ② If the color is stocked, takes less than 7 days.
Quality  Eco-friendly quality
FSC, EDP certification
No VOD Emission
(not harmful to human body)
Maleficence Toxic Substance
(Emission of Formaldehyde=0.2㎎)
This figure is the number of natural occurrences in bear production.
Absorptivity 0.00% (Zero) Absorptivity and moisture content are very important
Fire Resistance FR classification (B Class = Usual FR class)
(S = Gas suffocation grade)
(D = Spark, firing drip)
actual classification by 3 classified tables.
The FunderMax NT panel is safe to use at hospitals and subways.
Surface Strength The hardness of FunderMax NT panel on the Mohs scale: 5 FunderMax NT panels are easy to maintain. The Mohs hardness measures the resistance of a smooth surface to scratching or abrasion. It is expressed in terms of a scale devised by Mohs. (Diamond: 10, Tooth: 6.5, Glass: 6, Fingernail: 2.5)
Usage Buildings that decoration of design patterns are demanded Exterior wall decoration, roof, ceiling, mall, hospital…


Urban buildings that have a feeling of antique, natural and modern facilities, sculptures,

schools, education facilities, kindergartens, welfare and hospital facilities, public facilities,

storage spaces materials, furniture, laboratories, doors, and show selves etc.

1. TOX-25 Bolt Fixing System


Typical installation method, stable and economical,

TOX-BOLT can be used as a design element.

Installation Method

1) Install trusses(rectangular timber, aluminum profile).

2) Attach weather proof gasket pads(leakage protection).

3) Finish the installation of the NT panel with TOX bolts(TOX 25: material – SUS, painted with same color of the panel)

2. Open Joint System


Unexposed Bolt Installation

Aluminum Hanger System

Installation Method

Open Joint System is a costly installation method by which a hanger is attached to the back of the panel without the bolts exposure.

3. 4 Side Glazing System


This installation method is not difficult, so carpenters of metal constructors easily use this method when installing panels.

This method is widely used in interior constructions, and the price is lower than Open Joint System.

Also, there aren’t any bolt exposures on Side Glazing System.)

Installation Method

Same installation method with glass installation. Like a glass plate, install a panel with VHB tapes.

The installation can be finished without any bolt exposures. (Can be used indoors and outdoors)

4. Mounting Clip System


It is the patented installation of the NT Panel.

It is a semi-permanent and eco-friendly system that prevents leaks and distortions without the use of takers, moisture-proof paper, or caulking.

Installation Method

It is not a method of nailing panels down but an insertional open joint system that uses clips of the patent method.

High density wood-based panels made in Korea

High density wood-based panels made in other countries(not in Austria)

When fabricating a panel, cut parts of it are peeled off.

After a certain period of time of the installation, problems such as decolorization, discoloration, and peeled parts begin to arise.


Project: The Company Building of KOMIPO

Location: 160, Boryeongbuk-ro, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do

Designed by: Heerim Architects & Planners + Haeahn Architecture

Product: NT Panel

Color: NT_1260 (Teak)

Project: Incheon Children Science Museum

Location: 21, Bangchuk-ro, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon

Constructed by: DONGBU Corporation

Product: NT Panel / Art Perforation

Color: NT_0085 (White)

Project: Yeil Eye Clinic

Location: 659, 3·15-daero, Masanhoewon-gu, Changwon-si

Product: NT Panel

/ Gradient Perforation

Color: 1) Exterior: NT_0085 (White)

2) Canopy: NT_0077 (Charcoal Gray)

Project: Mando Global R&D Center

Location: 21, Pangyo-ro 255beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do

Designed by: Junglim Architecture

Constructed by: Halla Corporation

Product: NT Panel

Color: 1) Exterior Wall: NT_0162 (Sahara)

2): Rail: NT_0125 (Oak)